Paradise Chapter
of the Association for Healthcare Foodservice
Serving Self-Operated Healthcare
Foodservice in South Florida
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Allied Membership


$500 per year

The Paradise Chapter offers manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, brokers and service providers a number of opportunities:

  • Affiliation with an organization of foodservice professionals who span across the entire spectrum of healthcare: Acute care, long term care, rehabilitation, addiction, mental health, and hospice
  • The opportunity for face-to-face networking with a large group of pchasing decision makers
  • Meetings and occasions to present your products and services
  • Recognition in chapter publications and on the chapter website
  • Access to member database for prospecting and networking
  • Podium opportunities at meetings

About Our Association

  • Uniquely valuable - as the only professional association of its kind
  • Specialized - dedicated to promoting self-operated healthcare foodservice as the industry best practice
  • Supported by long-standing legacies - created by a 2009 consolidation of the American Society for Healthcare Food Service Administrators (ASHFSA) and the National Society for Healthcare Foodservice Management (HFM)

 About Our Members:

  • Broad member base - more than 1,500 food and nutrition professionals, administrators, chefs, and businesses from across the United States and beyond
    • Direct buying power - representing over 80% of industry purchasing from self-operated facilities
    • Flexibility and innovation - our members indicate that they value creative menus, sophisticated delivery and excellent service in a comfortable setting ... and the products and services that bring this experience to life

About Our Events

  • Ideal Audience - more than 500 potential members in the South Florida area, including hundreds of operators with a wide variety of purchasing needs
  • Competitive Advantage - opportunities for over 50 exhibitor/sponsors to participate in events. Keep your competitive advantage by being among them
  • Forum to Build Industry Relationships - a rare opportunity to "be part of the conversation" with operators looking to communicate about new products and services -- and gain direct insight into the changing needs of the industry
  • Local and Sustainable - Especially for local and specialty manufacturers, growers and vendors, we provide an opportunity to show, sample and demonstrate products and services to a group that is often shielded by GPOs or buying contracts - there are no stocking restrictions on the products that may be shown

For more information, please contact Virginia Ohanian, 561-487-5377, ext. 1 or

To become an allied member, please click here


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