Paradise Chapter
of the Association for Healthcare Foodservice
Serving Self-Operated Healthcare
Foodservice in South Florida
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About Paradise-AHF

Who Are We?

We are people engaged in the foodservice profession serving the healthcare industry. We are:

  • Foodservice Directors

  • Foodservice Managers

  • Foodservice Supervisors

  • Dietitians

  • Culinary Professionals

  • Administrators

  • Educators

  • Suppliers, Manufacturers and Service Providers to the Healthcare Industry

Where Do We Work?

We work in all types of healthcare foodservice:
  • Acute Care

  • Long Term Care

  • Hospice

  • Rehabilitation

  • Mental Health

  • Organizations that support healthcare foodservice, like foodservice distributors, manufacturers, colleges, schools, and service providers.


What Makes Us Different?

There are two types of foodservice operations in healthcare: (1) Self-operated, and (2) Contracted. Self-operated foodservice is also known as "in-house," meaning the foodservice department is managed by the healthcare organization's own staff. Contracted operations are outsourced, meaning the foodservice department is run by an outside, third-party foodservice company.

All of AHF's food and nutrition professionals are involved with self-operated foodservice. Operator members may be interested in knowing:

  • It is not necessary for an operator member of the Paradise Chapter to be a member of the national AHF organization (although we encourage you to join). For more information on joining AHF, please go to:

  • But to be a member of the Paradise Chapter, an operator must be eligible to be a national member (i.e., working in self-operated foodservice).


Our Legacy

AHF is the result of the merger of two, long-standing legacy organizations:

  • American Society for Healthcare Foodservice Administrators (ASHFSA)

  • National Society for Healthcare Foodservice Management (HFM)

What Do We Offer Our Members?

We offer professional development, continuing education, and networking opportunities.

  • Professional development events held throughout the South Florida area

  • Geared for administrators, foodservice directors, managers, chefs, supervisors, dietary managers, dietitians, and diet techs. Participants are encouraged to bring a group from their organization

  • Plenty of opportunities to meet and share ideas, knowledge, skills, and tools with your peers and colleagues

  • Continuing education that is pre-approved or accepted by:

    • ANFP - Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals (formerly Dietary Managers Association)

    • ACF - American Culinary Federation

    • AND - Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly American Dietetic Association)

    • Nursing Home Administrators

    • Other professional organizations as needed

Networking opportunities that help you save money, improve productivity, and enrich your career:

  • Pre- and post-meeting opportunities for introductions, fellowship, and hospitality.

  • Opportunities to serve as an officer, board member, or committee member

  • Member introductions, presentations, and recognition

  • Website and member directory

  • Job postings on website

What Are Member Dues?

  • Annual dues are $25 (non-prorated)

  • Per capita, per meeting fee: $15 for members, $35 for non-members

  • Dues will be kept as low as possible to encourage multiple memberships from a single property

  • Periodic promotions and contests will be held to encourage new members to join

  • Dues are used for speakers, AHF national conference scholarships, marketing and promotions

  • Allied memberships also available






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